This is Why You Need a Goldendoodle

A new dog breed is fast becoming a favorite amongst American families and for a range of reasons. At first sight, a Goldendoodle, which is a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle, captures your heart with their adorable appearance.

However, that isn't all there is to a Goldendoodle. Here are some other essential highlights that would make you fall in love with this furry baby breed:
Smart & Trainable
Goldendoodles are extremely smart and take to command easily. They are also great at picking up tricks easily, and bring to life the old expression, "You can teach old doodles new tricks."

Minimal Upkeep
This breed doesn't demand a lot in terms of attention. In addition, you can opt for your preferred size; large, medium, or tiny. And while they require minimal attention, they still deserve to get all your love.

Great With Kids
Goldendoodles make for the perfect family pet. They are great with babies, toddlers, and adolescents. They are an explicitly trustworthy companion. They also have lots of energy, and would definitely match up to the playful antics of kids.

Low Shedding
This breed is especially noteworthy because of the fact that they barely shed. Compared to the Golden retriever, you would be doing a lot less cleaning. They are also hypoallergenic, implying that they have less allergens, which is great for people with allergies.

Top Hybrid
The Goldendoodle is a cross of two top breeds; the golden retriever and the poodle, and this endows them with lots of extra cuteness. Also, studies have shown that they are at a lower risk of exhibiting disorders prevalent in their parent breeds. This implies that their genetic health is at a much better level.

Given all of these qualities, it's no surprise that this breed is fast winning hearts and turning heads.