Lab Puppies for Sale – This Dog Takes America’s Top Spot!

Lab Puppies for Sale: Say Hello to America’s Favorite Dog!

When searching for Lab puppies for sale, it’s important to know what you’re in for!Like with any dog breed, they have certain qualities that might fit right in with your family or might have you looking at different options. Petland prides itself in being one of the most knowledgeableestablishments in breed education and, more importantly, breed selection for you and your family. To check out all of our adorable Lab puppies for sale (and many more!)just check out our available puppies page!

TheLabrador Retriever is a very popular dog breed andstarted out asa hunting-type dog. This breed is very loyal, intelligent and very endearing and thus a great family dog, guide dog and even for military work. Labrador Retrievers are very easy going and will work great with kids and families alike.

A few awesome qualities of a Labrador Retriever pup that you must keep in mind:

  • Labsrequireminimal coatmaintenance and does not need regular grooming or stripping. You might need to vacuum often though because tends to shed.
  • Thisbreed is one of the easiest to train and that makes it ideal for families and new owners. They also like to be challenged with new commands, always with a treat as a reward!
  • This dog is a good watchdog and will bark if there are intruders and if there is imminent danger but is unlikely to scare strangers because of its soft looks.
  • Labradorscan handle the cold or hot weather, but it needs a large space or room to move around, walk and exercise. Expect daily walks and runs with this dog.
  • This dog is very low maintenance and thus perfect for first time dog owners. Ittends to be wonderfulwith children and can be very playful. It can also work well with other dogs and pets.

Doyou think that a Labrador retriever might be the right breed of dog for you and your family? Don’t hesitate to call and make an appointment to come and snuggle with our Lab puppies for sale in our store today!