Petland Speaks: The Pros and Cons of Purebred Puppies

Considering adding a purebred puppy to your home? Check out Petland’s latest blog first!

You've settled on getting a dog and now you have to decide what kind and sex and many other factors. One great debate you'll encounter is whether you want a purebred or hybrid puppy. Ah...decisions, decisions! But Petland can help you! Below are some pros and cons to owning purebred puppies.

PRO: Purebred puppies are pretty predictable in their physical traits. There are fewer chances of physical appearance changes that aren't due to diet, disease, or aging. Your puppy will be distinct to you, but will look like most other dogs of their breed.

CON: On the flip-side, your purebred puppies will have traits that will stick with them for a lifetime, just simply because of their breed. For instance, certain large dogs pant and slobber and leave wet love notes wherever they go! That's unlikely to change. As another example, dogs who shed as puppies will shed as adults.

PRO: You can predict the attitude and temperament of your purebred puppies, because they are generally the same within their breeds. This is especially helpful if you are selecting a working dog, for hunting, herding or special needs! If you need a dog to heard your cattle, you're purebred dog's temperament will be consistent with that of a working dog.

CON: Conversely, if your purebred puppies are inherently cattle herders, they may instinctively try to herd you, i.e. Corgis, Collies and many others! They may stay in working modes and it may be difficult the train and tame their behavior.

As you can see, many deciding factors go into choosing and buying a dog. We're here to help you with your decision. Come to Petland today or contact us with your questions!