Top 3 breeds of 2019

2019 is coming to a close, and its time to rank the most popular breeds of this year. We determine the top breeds using our rating system from in-store requests and purchases. While we celebrate the uniqueness of every dog breed because we are passionate about dogs, here are the top three breeds we ranked for 2019.

  • Labrador Retriever -- The year's most adventurous dog breed, the famous Labrador Retriever. In 2019 we saw an increase in owners looking for an adventure companion, and Labs fit the bill. Whether it is a hike up a steep mountain or a play date at the lake, Labs are always down for an excursion. They are fearless companions who love to have fun in the great outdoors,
  • French Bulldogs -- The award for the most affectionate dog breed, goes to the loving Frenchie pup. We deem them the best dog for quality family time because they're great with kids of all ages. The medium-sized Frenchie pups enjoy every moment spent with their family. Frenchie pups are super affectionate and do not like to be left out of family time.
  • The Pug – The most outgoing dog breed. The Pug has always been known for having an extremely outgoing personality. These dogs know how to make their owners smile and have a great day. They are also not afraid to communicate their needs. These dogs do not grow to be that big in size so they won't take up too much space in your home.

There you have it the best in class for 2019 and overall timeless choices for companions. Whether you are looking for an adventure, affection or attention these breeds are a perfect choice. The new year is fast approaching and we are excited to see which breed will be trending next year.