German Shepherds for Sale – Protective, Loyal and Perfect for Your Family!

If You Are Looking for a Family Dog with Protection Abilities, German Shepherds for SaleAre the Way to Go!

While theGerman Shepherd Dog is touted asAmerica’s favoritepolice, guard and military dog, it isn’t all about work and no play! Thisis one of the most popular breedsin America and shows no evidence of slowing down. Arguably one of the most recognizable breedsof dog, the GSD is a stalwart companion and is consideredextremely loyal, evenpast all of those good looks.Here at Petland, the German is one of our most sought after large breeds, and for good reason! There are so many personality traits that make the GSD a perfect four-legged addition to many families.

A closer look at the famous German Shepherd Dog:

  • It probably goes without saying that the German indeed hails from Germany and was brought to the U.S. in 1907. They started out as herding dogs, but once it was realized their capacity for hard work, the GSD exploded on the scene as a premier service breed.
  • The German has a couple variations on their coats, with sable and black and tan being the most common. However, they also come in black and silver, all-over black and white.
  • Their coats are longish, but do not require clipping or trimming. As you can probably guess, German owners are in for a bit of shedding, so we suggest using de-shedding brushes weekly.
  • They range in size from about 55lbs all the way up past 100lbs! Their lifespan is about 10-12 years.
  • The German trains excellently, but does require a firm hand with that training. You must be consistent with training, they have a tendency towards doing what they want, instead of what you want!
  • The German is an active outside breed, but curiously calm indoors. This makes the well-suited for apartment life as long as they get the exercise and mental stimulation that they need. A German kept indoors all the time may turn antsy or destructive, the need to be challenged.
  • Germans are great with children. However, they need to be introduced to all manner of people and environments while they are puppies, otherwise they are very wary of unknown situations.

Like we said before, there are so many reasons to open your home to a German Shepherd puppy! We promise you won’t regret it! Want to check outall of our available German Shepherds for sale? Take a peek at our available puppies page to see pictures orstop by the store for a snuggle!

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