Huskies for Sale, Say Hello to the Coolest Dog in Our Store!

Our Huskies for Sale are oneof the most recognizable breeds in the world!

A Siberian Husky could be the pet you have been waiting for. If you’re looking forHuskies for sale, make sure to get to know all about the SiberianHusky before you get one! Petland always has Siberian Huskies for sale in our store! Check out the blue- and brown-eyesbeauties on our available puppies page!


The Husky is a working dog and is from Siberia. It has a double coat with thick fur, pointy and perky ears and gorgeous markings all over its body. This dog is very intelligent and strong; together with its pack, it pulls sleds loaded with people, cargo and supplies. Huskies have evolved over the years from an outdoor dog roaming across the frozen tundra to a stay-at-home family pet.

The Husky has the following characteristics:

  • Huskiesrequire regular grooming so thattheir fur maintains its good shape and shine. It is recommended that you never shave your Husky, even in the summer. The coat actually regulates temperature, it doesn’t just heat!
  • With that double coat, shedding is inevitable! So be sure to vacuum your carpet, bed, car and sofa.
  • This dog is very easy to train and has a good memory; it will bark when there is danger or if there is an intruder.
  • You must be careful if youlive in hot, humid climates.It can adapt well in the cold because of its double fur coat.
  • The Huskyrequires daily exercise and therefore you need to take it for a walkor have extended play timeseveral times daily.
  • This dog needs a firm hand when it comes to training. You must be consistent with commands and exercise positive training methods
  • This dog is friendly with other pets but may not do well with smaller children. The best course of action is to let a Siberian Husky puppy associate with children at an early age.

Still set on a Siberian husky puppy for you and your family? Trust Petland to have Husky puppies from only the most reputable breeders in the country! Come down and play with our puppies today!

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