Akita Puppies for Sale – Have You Seen This Elegant and Beautiful Breed?

Akita Puppies for Sale: Find Out More About this Handsome and Courageous Breed!

So you're interested in Akita puppies for sale? Before you decide on this breed being the best choice for your family, check out the different characteristics and traits of an Akita dog. The Akita can be a tough breed to track down, as it is fairly uncommon. Past the Akita’sbeautiful looks, many people aren’t as familiar with their personalities and that’s where this blog comes in! Here at Petland, we strive to make sure that every breed we send home matches their new owner’s personality and lifestyle, because that’s how you make lasting pet friendships!

An Akita Inu may be called Great Japanese Dog, Japanese Akita or American Akita and are renowned for their amazing intelligence. An Akita dog may easily become bored because it is very intelligent and therefore constant interaction and training is a must.


Here are some more tidbits about the Akita:

  • This breed does not require regular grooming despite its thick fur. It does not need trimming, but it has to be brushed regularly to keep its coat shiny and healthy.
  • This dog is very easy to train, butneeds regular reinforcementtraining to learnadditional tricks and commands.
  • It is one of the best watchdogs since it will bark to alert its owners that there is an intruder or if there is danger, otherwise it is very quiet.
  • The Akita can protect its family and will act fearless when there is an attack. It is said that it will do all it can to protect its owners and family.
  • This is the dog for fitness lovers since it needs regular exercise. It will accompany you to hikes, jogs and walks and will run with you if you want it to!
  • This dog is perfect for highly engaged and experienced pet owners.
  • This breed is good with children because it is playful and energetic.
  • An Akita does better in a larger space, but with frequent exercise it can do well in an apartment or condo.

So, youstill think this breed is for you? Check out our available puppies page to see all of our Akita puppies for sale! Don’t see the color or gender you’re looking for? No problem! We can always find exactly what you’re looking for from one of our caring, reputable breeders, just give us a call today!