Boston Terriers – America's Gentle Dog

At our store, the Boston Terrier puppies for sale are always such a hit.

From their expressive eyes to their limitless energy, what's not to love about a Boston Terrier? It's pretty hard to find a reason not to, especially after reading these fun facts about this adorable breed.

  • An All American Breed -- Boston Terriers were the first breed developed in America---and it's no surprise which town they called home!
  • Very Stately Pups -- Bostons were named as the state dog of Massachusetts in 1970. This is not common for all states, so it was quite the honor for the Boston Terrier to be named as the designated dog.
  • Dapper Dogs -- It's too easy to fall in love with Boston Terrier puppies for sale. Just look at them! They've been nicknamed as "the American Gentleman" because they look like they are all dressed up in a tuxedo. How cute!
  • Noisy Little Fellas -- The short muzzles on Bostons cause them to take in a lot of air and consequently, they snort...and pass gas quite frequently!!!
  • Bred for Fighting -- We know, it's hard to believe that these precious pups were fighters and not lovers, but it's true. Back in the day they were much larger and used to participate in dogfighting. Thankfully those days are over!
  • Nope, Try Again -- Sometimes Boston Terrier puppies for sale are confused with French Bulldogs because they look so much alike. The best way to tell them apart is by looking at their ears. Boston Terriers have pointed ones while Frenchies have rounded, bat-like ears.
  • Presidential Pooches -- President Gerald Ford had two Boston Terriers named Fleck and Spot. Warren G. Harding had one called Hub.

Aren't you pretty convinced now about purchasing one of our Boston Terrier puppies for sale? Who wouldn't be at this point!? Stop by our store today or give us a call if you're interested in learning more.