Small Space? No Worries! Petland’s List of Top Amartment Puppies

A Puppy in Your Apartment

Perhaps you're just moving from your parents and getting your own place? Perhaps the roommate life is no longer attractive. You want your own space, but want to share it with perhaps a pet, not someone else. You haven't decided on what kind, but you have decided to get a puppy for your apartment.

Below are 5 great breeds of apartment puppies:

Bichon Frise

These beautiful breeds can be perfect apartment puppies. Even at their full grown weight, they stay around 8-12lbs. They're playful and energetic, always requiring moderate exercise. They train quickly and easily, making them an all around great companion!

Boston Terrier

They, too, are small dogs, not getting bigger than 13-18lbs. They are energetic and require moderate daily exercising. They have a low barking level, which tends to make them perfect apartment puppies. Check out some of our Boston Terriers at Petland’s website.

English Bulldog

They hold the gold star for apartment puppies. English Bulldogs sleep a lot and they're very quiet when awake. They don't run a lot nor do they make much noise. Well, they are LOUD snorers, but that's only heard in your immediately vicinity! They shed, but not excessively. This breed is synonymous with the term couch potato.

French Bulldog

They have a compact size and low activity, thus not requiring much exercise. They shed a minimal amount and they rarely bark. They are the perfect apartment puppies and can be found at our store Petland.


Right up there with English Bulldogs, Pugs are popular amongst apartment dwellers. They are so quiet, some owners claim they've never heard them bark. They detest exercise and only require the bare minimum. They would rather sleep, which means that's exactly how they spend lots of their time – sleeping! They will surely fit nicely living in an apartment.