Want to Buy a Dog?

Read These Tips Before You Do!


The decision to buy a dog is a big one and should be given as much thought as when you decide to buy a new car, have a child, or purchase a new home. Yep, it's that serious, because the decision is impactful for all lives involved, both humans and canines. Owning a dog requires commitment and is a huge responsibility. Ask yourself and family members these important questions before you buy a dog.

Things to consider.

  • Is everyone in agreement with owning a dog? Be sure that each family member has thesame desire.
  • Will you have the proper time and patience to commit to training and nurturing a dog orpuppy?
  • Before you buy a dog, you must know that they can't be left alone for longperiods of time. Will you or a family member be able to care for your new pup?
  • Can you afford the expenses associated with owning a dog? These include money forfood, boarding, training, grooming, and veterinary bills!

What breed will you select for you and your family?

Before you buy a dog, you need to conduct adequate research on what breeds will fit in with your family the best. Are their family members with allergies? Do you have thespace, both indoors and outdoors, to accommodate him? Do you have small children inthe family, if so have you considered which pets are most kid-friendly? All of theseare excellent questions that you should be able to answer before you buy a dog.

Is your home pet-friendly?

Before you buy a dog and before you bring him home, it is very important for you to dog proof your home. What does this mean? Household items like cleaning products, ibuprofen, and even chewing gum can be extremely toxic to your pup. You will need to conduct a search of hazards around your house. This includes securing cabinets that are at pet level, putting away electric cords, and any dangling curtain cords. If you have any house plants on the floor, research the type and if they're toxic to dogs. If they are, move them to higher grounds. All of these tips are important and prudent to you and family, before you make the decision to buy a dog.


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